2017 Resolutions

It’s already September. I try to evaluate progress on New Year’s resolutions a couple times a year so here we go…

  1. Start every day with Christ (daily scripture, prayer) // reading the bible in a year. I’ve been following a plan for the last 8 months and I’d recommend doing this to anybody.
  2. Love myself better & more // I’m a work in progress. I’ve struggled for years with Body Dysmorphic Disorder. While this year has been significantly better than the few before it, I still fail. & that’s ok.
  3. Nurture relationship with Chad (date nights, be intentional) // we regularly double date so that we’re getting QT while spending time with people we love. We make it a point to walk the dogs together, eat dinner together (even if it’s only one of us eating!), and say NO to things so that we don’t over-schedule our lives.
  4. Cut weight to 130 // halfway there. Not counting macros, not obsessing about caloric intake, and not logging every single thing I eat in an app has been freeing. Gave me anxiety for months after doing it for years.. but am over that hill and IT. IS. STELLAR.
  5. Develop & maintain a healthy relationship with food // see above #crushingit
  6. Drink 1 gallon of water a day // totally doing this
  7. Read 30 books (like actual paper in my hands books) // I’m about halfway to this goal as well! I’ve read 16 books this year. Took me like three months to get this started (April-ish) and now I’m on a roll.
  8. Take better care of skin // I take my makeup off and use hydrating lotion on my face *most* nights which is more than I’d done the last 30 years.
  9. Learn Ableton Live // done.
  10. Run 1/2 marathon // guys I really did try. Got about halfway through Dam 2 Dam and got sick. Long distance running is not my thing. If it’s your thing, go you. I celebrate that for/about you. I’ll celebrate you while I lift heavy things and while I’m not doing cardio because #ijustcant.

I feel really good about where I’m at so far this year. I feel empowered, successful, and in awe of the things that my heart and mind have been capable of over the last 8 months.

UPDATE 1/8/18: I ended up reading 22 books (separate post on them and my favorites in case you’re looking for new reading material). I weight 135, 5lbs away from my goal BUT have a great relationship with food and no longer have to track in any capacity. Feel great about 2017 and am excited to grow in 2018.


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