I’ve found that while answering questions about my desire to have children isn’t awkward the pause that occurs after, when someone is trying to figure out what to say next, is extremely awkward. God bless people for asking about our dreams.. but be careful with how you approach this, folks. 🙂

For those that have inquired: Do we want kids? Yes.

**insert the pause that almost always occurs after unless they have the balls to ask when or give me an intense eyebrow raise that non-verbally asks if I’m pregnant**

We’ve been trying to conceive for the last 6 months.. since December of 2015. I’ll be documenting future appointments, successes, road blocks, and other random baby things here. My hope is that if/when a gal in a similar boat stumbles across this page she’s reminded that she’s not alone, that she doesn’t have to fight her Goliath solo, and that God is walking alongside her through it all.